• Who processes your personal data?

    Terramay, represented by the Terramay Agricultura, Lda, headquartered in Rua do Século, 30 A 7250-203 Alandroal, Portugal, with NIPC 515215236, is responsible for handling your personal data. If you need to get in touch with Terramay, you can do so by sending an email to: hello@terramay.com.
  • Purposes of processing personal data

    The required information outlined above will be used in order to manage your online account, to send information about our service, to deliver orders and to analyze your customer profile. This analysis is carried out based on your purchase history and browsing data, with the purpose of creating conditions to improve your shopping experience, as well as to optimize Terramay's product range.
    Based on this analysis, Terramay may send you offers, discounts and benefits, both generic and targeted, and other information which may be of interest to you. These offers, promotions or benefits may also be attributed automatically.
    If you provide your tax number and date of birth, this data will only be used for invoicing purposes and to improve the profile analysis mentioned above, respectively.
    If at whatever moment you would like to stop receiving these emails, you can do so by accessing your personal settings on your online account, or by sending a request to this email address: hello@terramay.com.

    For organizational purposes and in order to be able to offer you the best possible service, Terramay works with some entities external to our organization that will handle the personal data of the users of this website. This data sharing is strictly due to the performance of the services provided by Terramay, including the sale of products. These external entities include carriers, technology providers and digital services and digital marketing platforms. The external entities referred to above were chosen by Terramay due to their experience in data processing, the guarantees of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the technical security measures adopted by them in relation to the processing of personal data.

    These external entities will always act according to the instructions provided by Terramay and only for the purposes strictly necessary for their function. Your personal data will be shared with these entities in order to:

    - provision of electronic payment services through credit/debit cards;
    - processing of product sales;
    - packaging and transport of products;
    - solving problems related to the sale of products;
    - rectification of payments for the purchase of products;
    - processing of returns of customers' products;

    In addition to the above, your data may be shared with third parties to:
    - comply with applicable laws;
    - respond to judicial and governmental inquiries;
    - comply with valid legal processes;
    - protect the rights or property of Terramay.

    Your personal data may also be used for other processing operations within the limits of such applications. In particular, they can be treated for the following purposes:
    - when you make a purchase on this website;
    - when you request assistance from Customer Support;
    - when you register on this website;
    - when you subscribe to the newsletter;
    - When you browse our website, we collect cookies.

    Depending on the management you make of cookies on our website and your interaction with us, we use some information collected by these cookies in order to ensure proper functioning on the website, highlighting the purposes of proper content display, remember your cart, remind your registration , adjust the resolution of your screen, improve our offers, among others. This information includes registration data, location data, duration of your session, products you have selected, your equipment, your browser and your IP address. - When you browse our website and later visit platforms where the advertising format exists (social networks, Google and other partners of these networks) you may be impacted by ads from our brand. We will also use the data to reach new potential customers who may be interested in our products.
  • Our principles

    -Respect for the client's wishes
    We respect the privacy and security of your personal data, so we ensure respect for the client's wishes and autonomous, free and uncomplicated management of your privacy preferences. In this way, if you disagree with any of the points mentioned in this policy, you can at any time oppose us by contacting us through our Customer Support, e-mail address: hello@terramay.com or by letter (addressed to: Rua of the Century, 30 A 7250-203 Alandroal, Portugal). We will do everything possible to satisfy your wishes and respect your concerns.

    -Good Practice
    Terramay, as a personal data controller, determines the purposes and means by which your personal data is processed, including all applicable security measures. We guarantee that your personal data is processed in Portugal in a correct and lawful manner and in accordance with good practices.

    -Strict necessity
    In dealing with personally identifiable data, directly or indirectly, we apply the principle of strict necessity. For this reason, the use of your personal data will always be minimal, so as not to exceed the original purpose for which they were collected and/or processed. Collection and processing of personal data The personal data collected and processed by Terramay is exclusively the data you voluntarily, expressly and unequivocally place in the forms of this website. The personal data collected is: name, sex, date of birth, email, mobile phone, address and NIF.
  • Consent

    Respect for the client's wishes is the main concern of Terramay Regarding the treatment of your personal data. However, we do not want to affect the relationship we have or fall short of expectations. So we consider that if you had a relationship with us in the last 2 years, that is, if you made a purchase, it was not necessary to ask for your consent. However, if you disagree, you can at any time oppose us through our Customer Support, e-mail address: hello@terramay.com or by letter (addressed to: Rua do Século, 30 A 7250-203 Alandroal, Portugal).

    What does it mean if I don't authorize cookies?
    If you prefer not to allow cookies, you can deactivate them in the Internet browser you use, but be aware that it may stop some Web pages from being presented properly.
  • Rights

    In order to exercise your right of access, rectification, limitation, portability or opposition of your personal data, you may do so through the following link, from our Customer Support, to the e-mail address: hello@terramay.com or letter ( addressed to: Rua do Século, 30 A 7250-203 Alandroal, Portugal). If you wish to stop receiving direct marketing communications, you can at any time exercise the right to object to the treatment of your personal data, through our Customer Support, by email: hello@terramay.com or by letter (addressed to: Rua do Século , 30 A 7250-203 Alandroal, Portugal). You can also do it in every newsletter you receive.
  • Safety

    Terramay uses the appropriate security measures to protect your personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or unauthorized access, and against any other form of illicit treatment. In addition, we contractually require that the external trust entities that deal with your personal data by us do the same.
    However, Terramay cannot guarantee that the security measures adopted for the protection of this website and for the transmission of data and information through it will prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. Therefore, we advise you that your computer is equipped with software devices that protect you in the transmission and reception of data (such as up-to-date antivirus systems), and that your browser takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of data transmission ( such as firewall and anti-spam filters).